Taking CBD Oil For The First Time? Consider These Helpful Tips For Success!

Taking CBD Oil For The First Time? Consider These Helpful Tips For Success!

Many of you are taking CBD oil for the first time. I was in your place not too long ago and know how you feel!

Being in the health industry for many years has made me very skeptical about product claims and the ability of supplements to actually make a difference. I am also very cautious about what I put into our body, never smoke or take cannabis in any other form (no judgment if you do, that’s just my preference), and I don’t really want to be high or alter our reality. Put all of these things together and the whole experience of trying CBD foil for the first time was uncomfortable and disconcerting for me.

So don’t worry, you are definitely not alone! Let me guide you through your journey step-by-step to take some of the pressure off.

“I tried it for the first time and my day passed normally… but at the end of the day I noticed one key difference: I realized I hadn’t been worrying about the little things throughout the day and was just overall more relaxed. That night, I also slept very peacefully – normally I toss and turn. Very impressed!”

— Jaz Fenton

Step 1: Buying CBD Oil For The First Time

First and foremost, make sure you get CBD oil from a trusted source. Find a company that YOU trust. I personally got referred to a company by a friend but then struggled to find their products again, hence why I started my own company. I am also a huge believer in customer reviews since any other statements can easily be faked on the internet. In addition, all of ICARIA’s products are lab tested to give you even greater peace of mind proving that there is 0.00% THC content. And let’s not forget that ICARIA is from Vancouver, BC!

Step 2: Figure Out How Much CBD Oil to Take For The First Time

Figuring out how much CBD oil to take for the first time can be intimidating, so please check out this blog post for more information on dosage. However, let me assure you that it is safe and you most likely will take too little than too much. At the end of the day, you won’t know how much CBD oil you will need until you try.

You can also download a Dose Journal that can help you figure out a perfect dosage for yourself.

Step 3: Know What to Expect Taking CBD Oil

CBD oil is just a supplement, so don’t expect yourself to feel some new feelings or have an altered state of reality. I like to compare it to drinking a cup of coffee; coffee doesn’t change your reality but you KNOW when caffeine has kicked in. Some people need a sip and some people need three cups to feel an effect. Coffee doesn’t change your reality, it just makes you feel more alert. Of course, CBD has a completely different effect from coffee, but our point is that you KNOW when CBD oil is working for you. You can read more about what exactly to expect and what you will feel when you take CBD oil in one of our blogs.

“I had a very bad experience taking medication and therefore was hesitant to try CBD thinking it would be a similar experience. Well for the first time in years, I feel “normal”. I’m not crying every day, I don’t feel an impending sense of dread and hopelessness, I am able to deal with difficult situations… I can live my life.”


Step 4: Listen to Your Body

Everyone will have a slightly different experience because CBD brings your body back into balance and that means different things for different people. Packages often say that you shouldn’t drive after taking CBD oil, but that is more of a precaution when you are taking it for the first time. Once you’ve tried CBD oil oil for the first time, you will see that there is no concern about driving after taking CBD oil, neither are there any laws if you are taking pure CBD without any THC in it like ICARIA’s products.

I have also personally experienced how CBD can have very different effects on different women. For example, I get really bad acne from eating dairy and taking CBD oil doesn’t help if I continue to eat dairy. On the other hand, I have had customers who say that CBD oil has done wonders for their acne. This is most likely due to the reason that there would be a different root cause for the acne. The main point is, listen to your body and stay open-minded, sometimes it can take some time to adjust before you feel the desired results.

Step 5: That’s it!

Now that you have tried CBD oil and there is nothing else to worry about, you can freely experiment with your dosage, timing, and other reasons to take it.

I found that the longer we took it, the more benefits we felt. You can also check out my results following 9 months of taking CBD oil here.

Final Words…

One major goal we have is to normalize CBD oil. It comes from a plant with much fewer side effects than many other supplements, and we won’t even start with pharmaceuticals. If you love CBD oil, then tell your friends and family about it. You might be the person to make a huge difference.

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