Platinum Rose CBD Terpenes Vape Pen – 50mg


All the benefits of a convenient, disposable CBD vape pen, combined with the sweet spot of intermediate potency that should satisfy most customers

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  • WHY 50mg? In terms of potency, 50mg of active CBD in a pen this size is a nice happy medium that will satisfy users of most experience levels.

THIS PRODUCT IS PERFECT FOR YOU IF: You prefer a vape flavor that’s a little milder, classier, and floral — as opposed to a flavour that’s more in your face or fruity. Plus, this vape pen is conveniently portable, disposable and discreet, if those features are important to you.

WHY CBDFX? At CBDfx, they take their manufacturing and quality control process very seriously. CBD comes exclusively from organically grown hemp. Their CBD is full-spectrum, meaning that it contains all of the potential healing compounds that are found in the hemp plant. Plus, their CO2 extraction process ensures that you’re never ingesting harsh chemicals or contaminants.

ARE THERE ANY SIDE EFFECTS? This CBDfx Terpenes Pen in Platinum Rose contains natural, plant-based hemp extract that’s gentle and easy on the body. The most commonly reported side effects of vaping CBD to include mild drowsiness and dry mouth.


  • 50mg CBD per pen
  • Full spectrum, completely organic CBD
  • Disposable; no charging necessary
  • Rich in terpenes and other beneficial hemp compounds

Grand Daddy Purple (Night), Pineapple Express (Day)

The CBDfx Terpenes Pen Platinum Rose can be used straight out of the box since it doesn’t need to be charged. Simply vape it as needed throughout the day by drawing on the end of the pen. You can take a larger or smaller hit depending on how hard you “pull” with your breath.


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