CBDLife Storage Case


The zipper case can hold all of your vape pens, CBD oil, CBD extracts and more.

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CBDLife Large Storage Case

We know most of our customers own so much many of our CBD products they need somewhere to keep them all safe. So we have created the perfect accessory for storing all our CBD products. Keep them all in one place, protected as you go about your day. The zipper case can hold all of your vape pens, CBD oil, CBD extracts and more. The case is black in colour with the CBDLife brand printed on top.


Grand Daddy Purple (Night), Pineapple Express (Day)

Using: To set the pen up simply screw the cartridge and battery together. Then take slow 4-5 second draws with a mouth to lung method. Hold the vapour inside your lungs for as long as possible to increase the effects. If you would like greater air flow you can unscrew the cartridge from the battery a small amount (1/8th to quarter turn). The pen automatically turns on/off so you do not need to worry about that. We suggest having 1-2 x 4-5 draws and then waiting 10mins if you feel you need more then repeat the process.

Recharging: Once the battery lights are flashing green when in use it is time to recharge. Simply screw the battery onto the USB charger supplied and plug it into a USB charging point. The light will stay red until the battery is fully charged.

Refilling: When your the cartridge from your ePen is empty this can be refilled a number of times before needing to be replaced. To refill just use one of our 1ml eCart refills. Simply unscrew the mouthpiece and pour the e-liquid into the cartridge until full. Then screw the mouthpiece back on and continue use.


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