Cannabidol™ Cannabis CBD Vape Liquid



Vape alone or mix with your preferred e-juice.

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Taste’s great on its own or added to the e-juice you currently use. We would always recommend starting from the lowest dosage of CBD, and working your way up until you find the optimum strength and dosage that works for you as an individual.

Canabidol™ CBD Vape Liquid has been created using Cannabidiol (CBD) isolate. CBD isolate is an all-natural cannabinoid supplement made from refined hemp oil, all the unwanted plant extracts, and waxes (found in full CBD extracts) have been removed. Making sure all you get is a smooth CBD vape and taste.

This is the perfect Canabidol™ CBD Vape Liquid, the liquid doesn’t have the harsh, overly earthly taste associated with the vast majority of other CBD vape liquids available on the market today.

This industry-leading CBD vape liquid represents great value for money.


100mg, 250mg, 500mg

Vape alone or mix one pipette of Canabidol™ CBD Vape Liquid into the e-Juice you are vaping, this will allow you to vape the e-juice you love with the added benefit of CBD.


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